Here you find only events and meetings with english as the course language. More courses can be found on the german web side.

6. CT User Meeting

9. and 10. December 2016, Ghent, Belgien

Topic: "Contrast Agents und Applications in Computed Tomography"

Speakers: amongst other Andreas Brühschwein, Tobias Schwarz, Erik Wisner

European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology

Various courses on the subject of MRI. Especially the courses and lectures under the headings " School of MRI " and " Lectures on MR " are highly recommended.

Vet CT & MRI Courses

Vet CT & MRI offer courses on the subject of CT and MRI about varying topics. The course location is usually Cambridge, UK. Details can be found on the website of Vet - CT (link below).

Speakers: amongst other Ruth Dennis, Victoria Johnson, Tobias Schwarz