Below you find links to various external web pages, which I find helpful for my daily radiology work. The links are alphabetically ordered, therefore recently added links are not necessarily visible at the top but may hidden between older links.

Bovine Radiology Atlas

This atlas gives an overview about normal and pathological roentgen anatomy of bovines. Additionally a technical guide on how to obtain x-rays in bovine is provided.

Database of inherited diseases in pure bred dogs

This web site contains a guide to diseases/conditions of pure bred dogs which are likely to be transmitted wholly or partly through a genetic mechanism. You can search by breed or disease.

Embryology, University Freiburg, Lausanne and Bern

This web side offers great explanations about the embryogenesis and organogenesis including fantastic animations.

EVDI Homepage

A link to the homepage of the EVDI is mandatory. Here you find every information the association (EAVDI) and the college (ECVDI) provide.

MRI Physics

Below you find links guiding you to webpages which provide explantions about MRI physics. The explanations go beyond explanations about magnetism, spin and precession. Everybody who wants to understand more about MRI sequences, parameters and functional MRI should check these pages. offers explanations about abbreviations and attributes in the DICOM Header.


This web page offers an overview of the embryology and anatomy of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves including a cross sectional images.

Neuropathology Atlas

The atlas is an extension to the manual of "Veterinary Neuropathology, Essentials of Theory and Practice". It is an interactive learning tool. MR images are compared to images showing the gross and microscopic anatomy of neurological lesions. 

Veterinary Anatomy Homepage, University of Minnesota

Here you find the MR and CT atlas of the brain, as well as information and images about other anatomic regions.

Vet Anatomy IMAIOS

vet-Anatomy is an interactive atlas of veterinary anatomy based on medical imaging. Currently an atlas of the CT anatomy of the canine elbow joint and head as well as can atlas on the radiographic anatomy of the canine head are available for free. An MRI atlas of the head is available after subscription.